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Liz W – Testimonial

Posted by: Nick Bush Aug 01

When I first began the divorce process, a wise friend said that a good outcome would  be dependent on good work in ending my marriage. Unless we could agree on arrangements for our children and a financial settlement, there would be an ongoing conflict to look forward to. But when a relationship is at its lowest point, so is communication and therefore the ease of reaching an agreement.


The collaborative process was tough at times. There were several moments when I felt more like sending an angry letter than negotiating in person. I was grateful for my Solicitor, Cathy and her calm, objective and encouraging stance – and the sustained effort both solicitors made to keep discussions on the table and out of Court. Through a series of meetings we were able to reach agreement, without decisions being taken out of our hands.


Almost three years on after my divorce has been finalised, I can still see evidence that good work was done by everyone involved. I believe that through the collaborative process, my relationship with my ex-husband is much better than it might well have been. It is much easier to start rebuilding your life if you have achieved some resolution.