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Lawyers on Film

Posted by: Mim ClaridgeMay22

Instead of telling you all about why you should make a will (you really should…enough said!), I’m going to share a list of my top ten films involving lawyers.

So, in no particular order…


A Few Good Men
– because “You can’t handle the truth!”



12 Angry Men
– it’s a classic on justice


To Kill A Mockingbird
– because of Atticus







Kramer vs Kramer
– 🙁










Presumed Innocent
– because you never know when what you did in the past might make it look like you did the thing, when you didn’t






Legally Blonde
– always important to know about the dos and don’ts of perming







In The Name Of The Father
– because miscarriages of justice ‘do’ happen (and will get more frequent if the lack of funding of our justice system continues)







Erin Brockovich
– because she is sassy, vulnerable and strong, and fighting for the underdog







The Exorcism of Emily Rose
– because it has courtroom drama AND exorcism!







My Cousin Vinny
– because, as the poster said: “There have been many courtroom dramas that have glorified The Great American Legal System. This is not one of them”







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