Outdated laws that are still in place

I used to think I’d be in a whole heap of trouble if anyone ever caught me taping the Top 40 off the radio on my ghetto blaster, trying to perfect the art of pressing stop before Bruno Brookes or Mark Goodier started talking again. I’ve considerably moved on technologically since then, as Alexa will play pretty much whatever I want just at my command…although my music taste is still stuck quite firmly in the 1980s!

And illegally recording music off Radio1 really was the worst of my crimes…or so I believed. It turns out that us law-abiding citizens may not be quite as innocent as first thought!

Whilst mainly redundant now, and probably not enforced quite as strenuously as other crimes did you know you could still be nicked in England for carrying a plank of wood down the pavement, bringing potatoes into the country from Poland or trying to flag down a taxi or ride the bus whilst knowingly having the plague. And if you’ve ever ‘handled a salmon in suspicious circumstances’, watch out!

Here are some of the weird and wonderful laws still enforceable in the UK:

  1. Knocking on someone’s door and running away, definitely one of the more entertaining games of my childhood
  2. Allowing your servants to clean or paint windows/frames whilst standing on the sill – I shall have words with my servants immediately!
  3. It is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour. Even if you did have it laid out ready to wear…back to the suit and tie
  4. It is also illegal to handle salmon in suspicious circumstances – Some salmon do get themselves into dodgy situations
  5. Ladies aren’t allowed to eat chocolate on public transport – Hide the Twirl until you’re off the bus ladies
  6. If you happen to be in York and see a Scotsman, it is perfectly legal to shoot him with a crossbow – EXCEPT on Sundays
  7. Placing a postage stamp upside down on an envelope is an act of treason – You can get sent to the Tower of London for treason!
  8. And…it is illegal to be drunk in the pub – …woops

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