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Conveyancing and Dealing with Property Transactions

Posted: 07-10-2016

Inevitably different conveyancing firms will have slightly different procedures in how they deal with property transactions. I recently attended a property course where the speaker carried out bankruptcy searches at the beginning and the end of the transaction, not only against the buyer but also against the seller. On the 1st August 2016 Jonathan Titmuss addressed the same issue in his article for The Law Gazette. Conveyancing is notoriously the biggest area of risk so could extra searches be considered overkill or necessary.

Similarly some firms have taken a different view on Chancel Repair liability. Some now don’t carry out the search and go straight for the indemnity insurance, some still carry out the search and some aren’t doing the search unless they think there might be a risk.

The CML handbook is our bible and the CQS have brought a sense of standardisation that we did not have before but each firm will have their own way of dealing with matters.  The key point that all firms must remember is that the client is key. Clients want to know what is going on, why it is happening and what are the next steps. In an area of law that is highly competitive it is always vital to remember that a happy client will tell others of their good experience so whatever procedures the firm follows the client must always remain the focus.