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Is January known for being the divorce month?

Posted: 06-01-2022

Firstly Happy New Year to you all, including our existing, previous and future clients.


It’s certain to say that January is usually one of the busiest months in taking instructions from new clients in respect of divorce proceedings. This is a huge step for clients and their families especially if there are children of the marriage and how this will impact them. Careful thought will need to be given and how best to approach matters to keep it amicable between the parties. When considering a divorce, your first thought will always be the consideration of your children and how best to protect them from any emotional harm from the breakdown of your marriage. Children are very resilient and adaptable to change in the right environment maintained by their parents.


The holiday season brings a lot of anxieties for families for many personal reasons, including the stress of Christmas, financial pressure and the family dynamics in the mix also. Before taking that step for issuing divorce proceedings you may have considered or want to consider relationship counselling, or if you have accepted that the marriage is beyond repair, considering legal advice before taking steps can be key in taking the right approach.


In January, many people think of a new start and filing for a divorce may be your number one item on your list to do this new year. The new year usually doesn’t spike new thoughts for issuing a divorce as many people would have been considering this for many months prior. However, January tends to be that breaking point to strive for a better you.


As divorce solicitors in Southampton, we are committed to working with clients to achieve the best outcome for the individual/family circumstances. Our solicitors are members of Resolution and work to resolve issues in a constructive and non-confrontational way.


If you have concluded that your marriage has broken down beyond repair (whether you are married, in a civil partnership, or a cohabiting relationship), then it is important that you seek legal advice from the outset.  At Sousa Law, we can advise you on your options available, next steps and provide details on each of the different dispute resolutions such as Mediation, Arbitration and Collaborative Law, especially when it comes to finances and children matters. We have established contacts with other professionals who we can put clients in touch with, such as accountants, independent financial advisors, family coaches to name a few.


Costs are always important for clients and from the outset we provide estimates and continue throughout their matter. The divorce process can be straightforward via an online application and with the right legal advice and support this usually takes between 4-6 months to complete, however will be longer if there are finances to consider.


Sousa Law are specialist Divorce lawyers in Southampton, and we are committed to offering a helping hand during difficult times. For further information or advice, please call us on 02380 713 060, or email to book a free initial consultation with a solicitor.


By Kim Walsh