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I’ve Not Seen My Grandchildren Since My Son Separated From His Wife – What are my Rights as a Grandparent?

Posted: 17-12-2021

When a relationship breaks down between two parents and there are difficulties in respect of child arrangements and contact, it can often be the extended families that suffer the most. This could be because they do not want to interfere or shorten the contact that is given to the non-resident parent or simply because they do not know their rights as a grandparent in having contact with their grandchild(ren) following separation.


At Sousa Law this is something we can advise you on and the different dispute resolutions available – in terms of Mediation, Collaborative Law and Arbitration.


Ultimately, Court should be the last resort and if this is the case we can advise you regarding the two-stage process. This initially involves seeking permission from the Court to be able to make the application. Once permission has been granted by the Court, the second stage is to deal with the application that the grandparent is seeking, which would be contact with their grandchild(ren).


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By Kim Walsh