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Is this Coercive Control?

It is often hard to realise that you are in an abusive relationship. This video clearly explains the offence of coercive control. For more information on how we can help [...]
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How can we sort things out?

When you are in dispute with an ex-partner it can often be hard to know what to do. You may automatically think about making a court application; however, this is [...]
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What Do I Say?

It can be so easy to drag children into the arguments we have with our partners, in order to back up what we are saying. However, it’s important to stop [...]
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Can I Change the Locks?

I often get asked by clients whether they can change the locks on the family home once their ex-partner moves out. This question is more complex than it first seems, [...]
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From a Child’s Eye

It can be so easy to think that children are not aware of what is going on when their parents argue. This video can help us all to realise the [...]
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How To Agree Your Finances

Following on from my series of blogs on Positive Co-parenting and Giuseppe’s blog on Consent Orders, I have been asked to set out my top tips for reaching a Financial [...]
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