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Family Law

We are family solicitors based in Southampton, assisting in specialised areas of family law.

Family Solicitors

Our family law solicitors are able to talk through with you the best approach to dealing with your separation, ensuring that the best interests of any children involved are the priority. The Court option is rarely the best way of resolving family matters and there are many dispute resolution options to be considered which do not involve the Court process. Mediation, Collaborative Law, round table meetings, solicitor negotiation, Earley Neutral Evaluations (ENE’s), Private FDR’s, Arbitration and the HFLS process are just some ways of resolving family issues in a much more constructive, amicable and cost-effective way. We will talk you through all of these options and help you to decide the best approach for you, and most importantly we will discuss with you next steps and how to progress matters in a positive way for you.

Family Solicitors in Southampton

How Can Our Family Solicitors Help?

As specialist family law solicitors, we assist in many complicated and specialised areas of family law. Our dedicated team of family solicitors, based in Southampton, can advise across a wide range of scenarios, including what might happen if a spouse hides assets, intercepts your mail or email, or hacks into your computer.  You may be concerned about what might happen to your business upon divorce or separation, particularly if your spouse or partner has some form of control or involvement in the company. Inheritance issues are also often a cause for concern and a sensitive issue for divorcing couples.

These are just some examples of the more complicated situations which may arise following relationship breakdown in which our family lawyers specialise. Sousa Law is a niche law firm of experienced and highly qualified specialist family solicitors. Our expertise and experience will provide you with detailed advice and representation in whatever complicated family situation you might find yourself in.

Consultations With Our Family Law Solicitors

We offer a fixed fee initial consultation to allow our family solicitors ample time to explain the various options available to you entirely. Subsequently, providing an initial consultation appointments gives you the time you need to digest the advice given without having to clock watch. Arranging a fixed consultation is quick and easy, complete the below contact form and a representative will contact you at your chosen time to discuss your requirements further and to arrange your consultation meeting.

Please note that all of our initial consultations are at a fixed fee, for example where advance consideration of documents is needed, such as for cases already in court proceedings, seeking a second opinion or seeking advice on documents. Please ensure that you contact our office to check the fixed fee amount for your first consultation.

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To find out more about how our family law solicitors in Southampton can help you, contact us today on 02380 713 060 or use our form below.

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We will assist in many complicated and specialised areas of family law.

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