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Civil Partnership Dissolution

For some time now same sex couples have been able to have their partnership registered by conducting a civil ceremony similar to that of marriage, giving legal recognition to the relationship and their commitment to each other.  However with such legal recognition comes associated risks should the relationship breakdown.  It is important that the couple receive independent, comprehensive advice about the legal implications of the registration.

A civil partnership between a same sex couple couple cannot be dissolved within the first year after registration. Thereafter the grounds for dissolution and the facts that must be proved are similar to that of divorce, other than adultery is not a permitted reason for dissolution of a civil partnership.

Civil partners also have similar legal rights to financial provision on dissolution as with a divorcing couple, including claims against property, maintenance, pension sharing and potential inheritance act claims.

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Remember that registration of a civil partnership will automatically revoke any previous will or codicil that had not been made in contemplation of the registration of the civil partnership in the same way marriage does and a new will should be executed.

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